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The first anti-objective media platform is needed - in form of pro and con structure

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Media needs anti-objectivity! 😉 Seriously. "Objectivity" is only (in theory) aspired by media because we are used to only have one-sided positions claiming to be the "truth". Solution: A social platform like "" could inform topic-based. All posts have to be however clearly stated to be pro or con in regard to a topic. Clear, short, and precise arguments divided by a line but on one site.

So e.g.: "US Afghanistan mission" - Pro and Con? Who of you has heard the arguments by Pro-Taliban groups themselves? Actually very difficult to find. And this actually accounts for many topics.

I am very sure there is a strong demand for a pro and con platform. Due to its "anti-objective transparency", it would be the most efficient database to get arguments. Social media right now is a mess and the search costs are high. There are also some nice NLP algos. 

Moreover, I would add another feature with synergy effects: "Everyday life whistleblowing"! Think about the current conditions in hospitals which are crucial to assess the Covid topic. We are just fobbed off with official statements by hospitals or state agencies. There is only little whistle-blowing in this regard because there is no platform. I worked in a hedge fund and I tried it myself without real success.

With this "whistle-blowing", this platform would also gain unique contents which people really interest.


Happy to to hear some criticism on my post. Some pro and con. ^^


PS "Decentralized" is to me too much of a buzzword and struggles with the same problems as objectivity. Just look how Bitcoin&Co are in REALITY organized. Who organized forks of crypto coins? The holy ghost? Also, miners and major owners are in many ways influencing "decentralized coins" - but now in the most intransparent way ever. Every real currency is more transparent than its "decentralized" counterparts.


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Hey, is about real decentralization...not the fake kind that many crypto projects use to shill their coins.

See! I know the guy who started it. It's a great site. It's about the most controversial topics in U.S. politics—but it's a model of neutrality. Imagine that!