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Google android tablet: Beware of Versions While Purchasing


Tablet computers are making desktop computers less worthy day by day, with strong leading performance by the Google android tablet.  The reason is easy to understood, a tablet can be used for doing most common tusks usually performed using a smart phone or a desktop computer. Except for very memory and processor intensive tasks, such as high-profile professional-level multimedia processing and rapid application development, almost all general purpose computing can be easily done with a tablet pc. And most interestingly, those jobs can be done with mobility i.e. while one is on his way to home or office. The only obstacle here is the high price, of tablet pc, that successfully is being removed gradually by the Google android tablet.


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But one must be careful while purchasing a Google android tablet. Because there are some android tablets available in the market, which are not of high quality.


A tablet can be qualified officially as “android tablet” only when the complete product (hardware & android OS) is authorized by Google. And Google authorizes this upon checking the compatibility between hardware and software.


As android OS is open sourced any one can incorporate it in his/her hardware. without paying any licensing fees. This great opportunity resulted in both good and bad experience.




1. The good side is that, different manufacturers from all over the world has come forward to utilize this OS for making great tablet PCs. Samsung, HTC, Sharp, Sony, Motorola, LG along with several other manufacturers has been creating android tablets of great software quality assurance service. All these models are authorized by Google, and these are the tablets that are actually making tablets a threat to desktops.


The first Google authorized android OS version for tablet computer is the Android, which is familiar as “honeycomb”.  Motorola’s Xoom was the first authorized android tablet that was built on this Honeycomb“


So one should not buy any android tablet which is incorporated with an android OS versioned less than.


2. The bad side is that, by taking the opportunity of free Android OS, several less familiar manufacturer has been making  tablets, which are not eligible to get authorized as “Google android tablet” by Google. Very high possibility is there to have unpleasant user experience from these tablets.


The 2nd category situation was first anticipated with some models of the Google android tablet.


The first unofficial android tablet (not authorized by google), familiar as Google android tablet, based on android froyo, is not a successful one.


Android operating system was initially released with compatibility with smart phones. This initial version of android was not compatible with a hardware like tablet computer from software company.  And this was clearly documented and announced by Google, the authority behind android OS.


But disturbance was created by Apple. Soon after the release of iPad, the first ever tablet pc made by Apple corporation, it became a big hit. Phenomenal sales report of iPad, allured many manufacturers to release their own tablet much like the iPad. And this tusk was not much difficult as the open source android OS available to them. They just made some tweaks to the latest android OS (android 2.2 froyo) and then incorporated that with their manufactured tablet pc hardware.


The resulted android tablet, familiar as “Google android tablet”, was not a pleasant experience to both consumers and manufacturers. Because the modifications, made by manufacturers with android OS, were unable to turn android OS compatible with a tablet like hardware. The result was poor consumer experience along with low sales volume. Also several android apps hosted on Google play site malfunctioned with these tablets.


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So before rushing to market for buying an Google android tablet pc, it is very helpful and much recommended to read some review for Google android tablets to find out the best model from software engineering company that suite his/her requirements . One can easily find those reviews by searching with “Google android tablet review” phrase. “Precaution costs nothing”, similarly spending a few minutes on net for reading reviews on Google android tablet will not cost someone much.


 Google android tablets are superb example of the capability present day information technology. No one should miss it only because of choosing wrong models. So get informed and enjoy the blessings of technology.




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