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Internet forums as guideposts for ACTUAL human contact

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One of the explanations for the strong fervor for Donald Trump has been his ability to host MASSIVE rallies which result in people coming together in person to interact and empower each other.

I do not wish to sully this forum with a debate over what his rallies entailed or encapsulated but rather how these physical gatherings of people resulted in community and connection.

A great deal of discussion about social media platforms (when it comes to trying to correcting the harmful components) have all been focused on "reversing" what social media has created but has focused on this "reversing" being accomplished digitally.

While this is understandable (given the damage social media is causing to individuals and to society), I feel the human need for personal and societal relationship is not being recognized as needing to be part of the solution.

This false sense of community was exploited by social media to become "essential."

We need to return to the internet being a beacon for physical / human contact and connection.

We have created such a strong digitally focused society where people COULD go weeks (or longer) without physically interacting with anyone. This would have been considered a sign of incredible unhealthiness a VERY short time ago. 

The term introverts has changed to mean hermits... 

So are you seeing anything being done to encourage physical connections among groups of people that are utilizing the digital world in your area (something besides swiping in a direction for a sexual encounter....)? 

When we talk about decentralizing things.... Are we supporting attempts to decentralize human connections amongst each other or are we just waiting for someone to create a CENTRALIZED App to do the work for us?

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Folks in our rather suburban/rural area are using Nextdoor for many of the same discussions that you would have with your nextdoor neighbor- seeking referrals for services and answers to homeowner questions, some seeking running/walking companions etc.