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Basic Structure Guide for Personal Statement – 2021




Being a student, you must know to get admission into an educational institute, you need to pen down a personal statement. Because a personal statement is a part of the admission procedure where you have to prove yourself as an exceptional student who deserves a chance to study in a reputable university. 


For writing a personal statement you need to follow a structure to carefully organize your information. If you have no idea about the structure of a personal statement, you can approach an academic writer. When I was in college, I hired an essay writer to write essay for me. But in case you do not want to avail of the writing services, you can follow the below-mentioned structure for your personal statement. 



  • Describe the reason for selecting the course.



The first thing that you need to mention in your personal statement is the reason why you applied to a specific course. Because the admission tutors are interested to know if you are serious regarding your choices or not. Explain your reason to study a subject. If you have applied for a vocational course such as nursing, think about what you like the most in this profession. In case, you have applied for an academic degree, let’s say engineering or medical, explain to your academic tutors why you want to spend a lot of time studying these programs. 



  • How your current studies are relevant to the course.



If you are applying for a vocational course, you need to tell the admission tutors how this course is relevant to the subjects you are already studying e.g., if you are doing a degree in healthcare and want to take admission in a nursing course, explain to the admission tutors how the nursing course will help you in clearing your concepts related to healthcare. 


  • Experience related to the selected course.


Write about the prior experience that you have in the field you are applying for e.g. if you are applying for MBBS or any medical field then you can tell the admission readers that you studied pre-medical in the college for two years that’s why you are interested in pursuing this degree. Besides this, if you have ever done any side course that is relevant to the course you have selected then do not forget to mention it in the personal statement. 


  • Why do you think you are suitable for the course?


Tell the admission tutors how you have prepared yourself for the course. tell them if you have gone through extra reading materials books, newspapers, etc. to grab more information about the course. If you are applying for a literature course, you can mention the additional books, novels that you have studied besides the course books in the college. This shows your passion for the selected course. 


  • Write about extracurricular activities.


In a personal statement, you are not required to mention your academic achievements and experience only. If 75% of your personal statement is regarding academic experience then 25% should be discussing your extracurricular activities. Devote at least one paragraph to explain your extracurricular activities that are not really relevant to the selected course but tell you that you are a well-rounded and interesting person. 


In this section of the personal statement, you can share your hobbies or activities that you perform in your free time. Besides hobbies, you can also talk about your current job or future goals.


If you do not know how to discuss your extra-curricular activities in between your academic work, you can also handover this task to an essay writer service. Trust me, online academic writers are experts in writing any sort of academic paper including your personal statement. 


  • Showcase your skills.


Since you are done with writing about your academic experience and extracurricular activities, it is time to talk about your silks. By writing the personal statement you are already showcasing your writing, so be very mindful of the words and phrases that you are using. Other than writing skills, you need to highlight your organization and time management skills as well. 


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