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Welcome again and thanks for participating

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Hi all, I just wanted to check in here. I have been at work on another social media project this week ( https://startthis.org/ ), as many IT folks are now turning their attention to the technology of freedom. I'm sorry I haven't participated much in this forum, but don't think that means I'm not going to get back into it and that I'm not delighted with all the contribution here. I will and I am!

In fact, I plan to launch decentralizers.org, which works but which is sort of broken. A few relatively small changes need to be made. I'm thinking of just paying someone to make the changes (shouldn't be that expensive). But this will always be a nonprofit, public interest sort of forum. I might or might not eventually affiliate it with the Knowledge Standard Foundation, but for now it's just a little project of mine (and by my firm choice, ours).

By the way, sooner or later I will ask for a few moderators to join. Right now the activity level is modest enough that I can handle it. Only your first contributions are moderated anyway.

So also, by the way, if anyone is making an annoyance of himself, let me know and I'll see what I can do. So far everyone has been delightful.

Thanks for participating, and welcome!